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    Welcome to the Angie Kelley Real Estate YouTube video series, “Did You Know?”

    Episode 11: What is Title Insurance and Title Work, and Why do you Need It?

    Episode 10: Selling your Home During a Divorce: What to Know

    Episode 9: Roof Rats Have Become a Big Problem for Mid-South Homes

    Episode 8: How to Fix an Ant Problem around your Home

    Episode 7: How to Treat Mosquitoes to Enjoy your Backyard or Pool

    Episode 6: Let’s Talk Termites and your Home

    Episode 5: How Home Sellers Should Prepare for the Home Inspection

    Episode 4: Why Hire a Licensed Inspector for your Home Purchase

    Episode 3: Home Inspections 101

    Episode 2: Homeowners’ Insurance: Umbrella Policies & How to Choose an Insurance Company

    Episode 1: Closing Day: What’s a split closing & when the buyers’ get their keys

    The Angie Kelley Facebook Page Video Playlist

    My Facebook Video Interview series has lots of great information for buyers and sellers, too!

    “Angie, do we *really* need a pool ?? inspection?” 

    This is a question I’m asked quite often. I’m sharing my thoughts in the 1-minute video below.

    Is gold back in style? Should you mix your metals?

    Find out answers to these questions from Deborah of Galleria Furniture & Interiors!

    Tips for Decorating on a Budget!

    Decorating your new home on a budget? Listen in as Deborah from Galleria Furniture & Interiors shares some great tips for making your new home your style (and for not a lot of money)!

    What Does a Clear Termite Letter Mean for your Home?

    What does getting a clear termite letter *really* mean? Listen in as I chat with Chris Murphy, President of Inman-Murphy Inc Termite and Pest control about this common question.

    What’s the Best Approach to Termite Prevention?

    There are 2 common ways to combat termites that might be trying to infest your home. Hear from Chris at Inman-Murphy Inc Termite and Pest control about which approach works best!

    If my Home was Pre-Treated for Termites, Do I Need a Termite Contract?

    If you’re buying a new home and the builder has pre-treated the slab for termites, do you still need a termite contract? Listen in as Chris Murphy of Inman-Murphy Inc Termite and Pest control weighs in!

    Why a Surveyor can Save you a Huge Headache when Buying a Home

    Save yourself a huge headache (and potentially a lot of money) and hire a surveyor before purchasing your next home! Listen here to learn why from surveyor, Jack McAdoo of McAdoo Land Surveying.