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    6 Simple Packing Tips For Moving

    Packing and moving don’t have to be super stressful or chaotic. Having a plan, a checklist, and a timeline will help keep things moving forward. I can help you to start packing easily and effortlessly, thanks to these 6 simple packing tips for moving.

    6 Simple Packing Tips For Moving

    6 Simple Packing Tips For Moving

    1. Make your moving checklist, gather good packing tape, markers, and other packing materials like paper and bubble wrap, plus many sizes of boxes (you can also use luggage as packing boxes). Keep all these items in one area while you are packing so you have easy access to them.
    2. Use hanging clothing boxes so you can easily take clothes out of your closet and hang them in the packing box. It will be very easy to unpack into each closet as well. If you have room on the bottom of the box, tuck in some lighter items to fill the space. Leave the clothes you have in your dresser right where they are; they can move right along with your furniture.
    3. Do your best to pack each room separately or mark the boxes closely. When you are unpacking, it will go much quicker and without question as to where things go if you try to stick with this plan. Consider taking pictures of what is in the box if you need more specifics. You can also color-code your boxes for each room to make moving go quickly.
    4. It’s important to be all packed before moving day. That day will be busy enough. Continually make packing progress by packing some every day to make sure you stay on schedule.
    5. Getting ready to move is the perfect time to donate or throw out unneeded or unused items and clothes. You will be happy you did this before moving a lot of stuff you don’t want anyway.
    6. Set aside home and personal items you’ll want to use right away in your new house. You might move this with you personally or it can be the last box put on the truck so you can access it right away.

    More Packing Tips For Moving Quickly

    Packing is a big job. Recruiting friends and family can help the process move along faster. Hiring professional movers to also pack your home will make the exhausting process move along the quickest.

    Having a lot of boxes on hand, constructed, and put in each room ready to be packed will help move things along. Call for donation pick up to cut down on time necessary to donate items you are getting rid of. This will save considerable time when you don’t need to pack up items in your own car and drive them around town.

    What To Pack First When Moving

    Items you don’t need immediately or don’t use often should be packed first. Start in the rooms you don’t use frequently. Leave the packed boxes in each room for moving day to avoid large piles of boxes getting in your way.

    However you do it, pack with a purpose and stick with it. You might not realize how much you have until you need to start packing to move to a new home. Remember to eat well and get some rest to stay upbeat during your packing and move.

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