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    8 Best Home Staging Tips

    Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional, staging your home to sell it can be one of the best decisions you make towards selling your house quickly. Before you list your home with your agent or broker, talk with them about the best options for getting your home ready to sell.

    You can do the staging process yourself if you feel comfortable with the project. It requires a large degree of decluttering and eliminating pieces in your home to make the space look exceptional and modern. You will also need to pack and store any items that you remove. You may even need to repaint to give the color scheme a neutral feel.

    8 Best Home Staging Tips

    Top 8 Best Home Staging Tips

    Here are some of the top areas to consider when you stage your home yourself or to review with a home stager that you hire.

    1. Review the furniture you have in each room of your home. Take out any pieces that are unnecessary or tighten the space. Weed out as much as you can to give the room a clean organized look. Move the remaining furniture around as necessary to show the space as one for conversation.

    2. When it comes to the bathrooms, if your towels and rugs have become warn and out of date, purchase new ones to help make the rooms inviting and fresh. Remove all clutter and tuck it all away as organized as possible. Provide new soaps and keep the bathroom clean for a fresh, sparkling appearance.

    3. Consider removing any dried-out plants and indoor greenery that might look a little tired in your home. Replace with fresh flowers around your house for a fresh and friendly look.

    4. Clean all blinds, and open shades and curtains to freshly-cleaned windows and ledges. This will let in a lot of natural light and provide the best views.

    5. Closets can easily get cluttered and look messy. People will come through and review the closet space of your home, so it’s important to clean these out. Store a large quantity of the clothes and shoes to make the closets look spacious and in good order.

    6. Keep tables, countertops, and flat spaces clear of clutter and personal items. Store these items or even pack these items for your move. Tuck the boxes in an out of the way space. Maybe even off-site.

    7. Make sure to empty trash cans and wipe out your fridge to keep these areas clean and smelling nice.

    8. Remember to always pick up in each room and have the beds made.

    Hire Help for Home Staging

    The goal of staging your home is to make it look inviting and in order. You want to present your home as a space that isn’t cluttered and stuffed full. The appearance should be light and spacious, with a simple and classic feel.

    If you find the home staging process overwhelming, time-consuming or even too difficult to clear away your personal items, consider hiring a stager. It can be a great investment to help move the home selling process along quicker for you and your family.

    Look to a Real Estate Professional

    When you are ready to sell your current home or buy a new one, look to a top-rated and experienced real estate agent. An agent that is familiar with the locations and types of properties you love in the Memphis area. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or open land you’re looking for, work with a real estate professional that you can trust.

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