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    How to Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Cleaning up your front yard, landscaping, and porch or patio area is proven to boost sales and prices in home sales. Doing what you can to increase your home’s curb appeal is one of the best places to spend time when you are getting your home ready to sell.

    When you are ready to tackle this project, making a list will help guide you through the projects you want to address. A checklist is always handy and these are some of the top areas to look at and address as necessary with your home’s front entrance and yard area.

    How to Increase your Home's Curb Appeal

    Increasing your Home’s Appeal from the Curb

    Review your Front Yard Landscaping

    First, look at your trees, bushes, and grass in the front yard. Do the trees need trimming and shaping? Are they looking their best and not blocking the view to your home? Is the grass weedy or patchy? If the grass needs help quickly, consider calling in a landscaper to put down some fresh sod and spray for weeds. Remember to rake up leaves and debris to clean this space up. You also want to make sure when you are looking at the front of your house that the bushes complement the front yard space and aren’t taking over or blocking the windows.

    Your Front Door

    Next is your front door. Is the door looking shabby and worn? Maybe it just needs a good cleaning or maybe a bright new paint job is necessary to bring it back to life. If it’s in pretty rough shape, consider having a new one installed to make the first impression through the front door a good one.

    Your Front Porch

    From here you can review your front porch or patio. Are there any damaged or rotting boards? Do you need to replace or repair any broken stone pavers or bricks? If you have spider webs and bug debris in corners and on the lighting, make sure to sweep this up and give the space a good cleaning. If any of the lighting is broken, consider replacing it or having it fixed. Give this front porch or patio area a thorough analysis; visitors will look at this space closely while they are waiting to get in and tour your home.

    Your Garage Door and Driveway

    If your garage door and driveway face the road and entrance to your home, confirm that this area in your front yard looks great as well. Are their cracks in the driveway or oil stains that need cleaning? Can you stain or seal your concrete to give it a nice fresh appearance? If you need to replace pavers, clean them or have them adjusted because of sagging, schedule some time for a contractor to come out and repair or clean them.

    Your Flower Beds

    Other plantings and flower beds in your front entry and yard area should be addressed, too. Clean up any weeds, trim bushes, and clean up any landscaping here that has gotten overrun with plantings. Put down fresh mulch or blow the leaves out of your rock beds. Clean flower beds are a must to making a front yard look nice.

    Increasing your curb appeal is one of the best steps you can take to improve the look and presentation of your home. The time it takes to make this space look great will be worth the trouble.

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