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    Top Items First-Time Home Buyers May Need to Buy

    It’s an exciting time when you are buying your first home! Now that you are preparing to move into your first place, you are probably excited to do some shopping and perhaps change a few things around your new home. Maybe do some painting, landscaping, or furnishing! Your shopping list might be long, so what are some items first-time home buyers need to buy? Let’s take a look!

    Items First-Time Home Buyers Need to Buy

    Items First-Time Home Buyers Need to Buy

    Sometimes you will get started buying supplies for your new home, like window coverings and new furniture, but it’s important to remember the less exciting things you may need for your new home as well.

    1. Safety Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, leak detectors, new locks, fire extinguishers, and perhaps a security system. Many homes will come equipped with a number of these items, but some may be older and need updating.
    2. Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies You might need to buy your first plunger for the bathrooms, specialized cleaning products for specific types of surfaces in your new home, cleaning tools, and step stools to make sure you can clean well in your new space. Do you have blinds that need cleaning? How about high spaces and ceiling fans that will need cleaning? Think about what you will need to clean a variety of areas in your new place.
    3. Trash Cans You might be moving into a home with more bathrooms – or just rooms in general – and want to have a trash can for every space. Or maybe you want to upgrade the trash can in the kitchen to a pull-out system if it doesn’t come with one installed already.
    4. Batteries and Light Bulbs Yes, these are essential for any new home. Now that you have your own space, you can consider buying larger quantities in case you run out. If you have a pantry, garage, or storage closet, this can be easy to manage. If you need to set up a section somewhere to store your household essentials, it can be helpful so you don’t have to run to the store every time you need something. It’s your home now and you can start to stock up.
    5. Flashlights, Nightlights, and Emergency Lighting They make cool lights that work as a nightlight, and when there is a problem, continue to work as emergency lights to make it simple to find your way around in case of a power outage. Buy enough emergency lighting and nightlights to have a few around the house. It’s important to find these quickly and not fumble around or find yourself getting injured because you couldn’t see in the dark.
    6. Tool Kit You might be handy and already own a variety of tools. Or you might need to start from scratch and build up a kit. Whichever approach, consider grabbing a few different tools necessary to make repairs or adjustments to your new surroundings. Even if you have tools already, it can be handy to have a few basic essentials in a couple places in your home. Like a couple of different screwdrivers, a hammer, a measuring tape, and a utility knife in your kitchen or close by. If your workbench is in the garage or basement and you need to quickly tighten a drawer handle, you might skip doing it if you need to go a distance to do it.

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