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    Are you thinking of selling your house?

    Have you been thinking about selling your home? Have you outgrown the size of your current home? Or perhaps a different layout would work better for your family?

    Whatever the case may be, when you are considering selling the home you live in, there are many things you should think about before you decide to list your house. Let’s talk about some of the big reasons to contemplate selling your house.

    Are you thinking of selling your house

    Are you Thinking of Selling your House?

    Your Home Sale, Financially Speaking

    Let’s talk financials first. When you review the numbers for the next home you need to buy, will you have enough equity in your current home help you afford the new one? Do you have enough in your savings? Has your income increased enough income to make it happen?

    Also financially speaking are the costs you will have in order to sell the home you are in before buying a new one. There might be repair costs and maybe some updating costs. You will also have the closing costs to make note of like commissions for your real estate agent, fees and costs related to upkeep while you have the home on the market, extra mortgage payments if you are moving first, and your relocation costs.

    Selling and moving don’t have to financially strap you when you are moving, but you should sit down and figure in the costs of the items I’ve listed above so you know what you need to set aside to make your sale and your move take place.

    Your Home Sale Timeline

    When are you thinking about selling your home? If you are considering listing your home for sale during an off period during the year, like the holidays or in the winter, you might be up against a tougher market and find you home will sit longer, or you might need to ask less to make the home move more quickly.

    Are you wanting to list your home for sale and move out? Or do you want to stay living in your home while you list it and show it? In other words, do you need to move to your next location quickly or can you take a little time and list your home at a great time of the year.

    These are all things to think about that also might tie into the financial piece of listing and selling your home. Take some time and review your options so you don’t find yourself surprised by having to wait or accept less on your sale than you planned for. Good timing can make your home sale go quicker, easier, and more smoothly overall.

    New House and New Location

    After reviewing the details of your home sale in relation to your finances and in regards to the timing for selling your home, there are a number of reasons you might consider as far as the location, size, or condition of your new home go.

    You might be evaluating other areas of your city or state regarding schools for your children. You might have had a job change and the commute is becoming a burden. Location is a popular reason to sell a home and relocate. In this case, plan ahead as much as you can to make the smart sale based on what we talked about above, and you should be less restricted when it comes time to sell.

    If you would like to move base on the size or condition of your home, take the time you need to prep your home and do any necessary repairs, then schedule out a good timeline so you make the selling process as easy on you and your family as possible.

    If you need to move quickly because of a job change or promotion, do you best to prepare and design a well thought out timeline to make your sale as profitable and satisfying as possible.

    There are many reasons to consider selling your home and moving to a great new place. Just make sure you take some time to think it through and make some plans so you can move on knowing you made the best choice.

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