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    What a Buyer Should Expect at a Home Inspection

    You found a house you love and you are ready to move forward! You put in your offer with the home seller and it was accepted. This is such an exciting time for you and your family; you’ve been looking for a new home for a little while now and are happy to find just the right place. Being under contract to buy a home is a busy time, and some steps need to be taken to make this home yours. One of the first tasks that will be addressed and scheduled when you are buying a home is a home inspection. A home inspection with a licensed house inspector is going to provide a thorough review of the home you are looking at buying. Here’s what a buyer should expect at a home inspection.

    What a Buyer Should Expect at a Home Inspection

    What a Buyer Should Expect at a Home Inspection

    First, you can choose to be at the home inspection yourself, or you can allow the inspector to review it on their own with your realtor. I highly recommend you make accommodations so that you can be at the home during this inspection. Doing so will not only give you an idea of what is going on with the home in its current condition, but it will also provide you a closer look at the systems of your new home.

    The home inspection will be scheduled as soon as possible once you go under contract. The number of days to complete your home inspection is likely a term in your contract. Getting the inspection done quickly gives you time to consider how you’d like to proceed should there be some items on the inspection report that give you pause.

    Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

    1. Your house buying contract should state that your acceptance and purchase of the home will be based on a number of things. One of them is your acceptance of the way the home is based on the inspection. You do need to stick with the agreed-upon timeline, including asking for any repairs to be made.
    2. If you are buying an older home or a home someone has already lived in, understand the home will not be as perfect as when buying a brand new home that was just built. Of course, any home should be in good working order, but being somewhat accommodating to an inspection report that doesn’t come back perfect is a good mindset.
    3. Ask for repair documents. If you come across a spot in the home you are considering buying that has already had some type of repair, don’t be afraid to ask for documentation of when this happened. Ask to see it and read it over to make sure it meets your specifications. Talk it over with your real estate agent before you make any decisions on how to proceed.
    4. Extra home inspections might be necessary. Are you buying in a community that sees a lot of storms in the summer or in the winter, or has a lot of tree cover? Maybe you want to consider bringing in a roofer to evaluate this part of the home. Do you need specific certifications when you are buying a home? For example, do you need someone to come and look at the well or septic system of the home you’d like to buy, or a pool? Again, talk with your real estate agent about these additional inspections for your particular home purchase.

    Buying a New Home

    There will be many tasks on your list once you have an accepted offer on a home you’d like to buy. The inspection is one of the biggest and most important areas to focus on when you are considering this large of a purchase. Take the time necessary to have your new home reviewed by a professional. Buying a home is a fantastic and significant investment for you and your home, so it’s worth it to put in the necessary effort to do it right!

    Your Knowledgeable Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    Look to a highly-regarded and seasoned local real estate agent when you want to sell your house or buy a new home. Your real estate agent will guide you through the inspection and escrow process of your new home purchase, too. Check out my other helpful articles about buying or selling your home here in Memphis.

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