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    What to Look For When Shopping for a House

    When you are ready to buy a new home, there are a handful of things to focus on when you start looking. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the overall aesthetic or the amenities of your new home or neighborhood, but you want to make sure that your new home will help accommodate your family’s lifestyle, size, and future. Buying a new home is highly personal, and you might ultimately need to make sacrifices in a couple areas to get what you both need and want in others. Let’s take a look at the top 7 things you need to look for when shopping for your next home.

    What to Look For When Shopping for a House

    What to Look For When Shopping for a House

    Number of Bedrooms

    The number of bedrooms in your next home is one of the most important factors to think about. Make sure the home you are looking at has enough room for your current family and any plans you might have to add to your household. If three bedrooms are fine for now, really evaluate whether this will be enough for the future in this home as well. If you have a couple of children, guests often visiting, and you or a spouse working from home, you may need to adjust your home shopping must list to include more bedrooms.

    Number of Bathrooms

    Similar to the number of bedrooms, does the home have enough bathrooms to accommodate your family’s size? Are they located in optimal areas of your home (e.g. a guest bath on the main floor)? Is the master bath large enough for you and your partner? Another consideration for your future bathrooms would be your needs for tubs vs. walk-in showers.

    Number of Garage Stalls

    The garage is an important part of the house that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you look at a home for sale, you might see the garage well-staged and maybe even empty. Consider the number and size of cars or other vehicles you have. or if you need an area for a workshop. If you have planned on parking in the garage and have a larger vehicle, confirm the sizes measure up. Also, remember to work in the other items you want to store in the garage when you are reviewing this home for sale.


    The kitchen can be a pretty significant piece of a home’s appeal. Will the home’s kitchen fit the size of your family? Is the layout what you need to eat in your kitchen or to entertain? Other points to think about are cabinet storage, pantry, and overall style. If you have a lot of kitchen or baking appliances, or do a lot of warehouse store shopping, good storage is a must. Confirm the size and layout of a home’s kitchen will accommodate your needs for now and in the future.


    Windows can be important to some and not so important to others. Ask yourself whether this home you are looking at provides you with the best natural lighting that you’re looking for. The condition of the windows in the house is important as well. Will they be something that needs to be replaced and updated? Evaluate the windows before you decide on the home you are looking at. Improving on natural light can be impossible and replacing windows can be costly.


    When you are out looking at homes for sale, make certain to consider the area of town and neighborhoods you are looking to buy in. Are these neighborhoods located in a safe area? Do these locations provide an easy way to get to work or schools? When you are out looking at homes and taking house tours, walk or drive around the neighborhoods to get a feel for the area. Examine the timeline for your family’s commuting efforts and costs. If this home is within the comfort level of your commute, you will save time and frustration in your life.


    The yard can be a highly attractive feature to home shoppers. Ask yourself if you want a large space where your kids and dogs can run around, or maybe you think acreage would be the perfect spot to plant a large garden and enjoy the land with your family. On the other hand, a small yard might work perfectly for a family or single person that doesn’t spend a lot of time working in the dirt or running in the grass. Think about your outdoor preferences before you head out to look at new homes.

    Review The List

    This is a good size list to think about when you are starting to look at new homes to buy. You might have more to add to this list to accommodate your family’s needs and interests. Whatever the case may be, take the time to review the new home listings on the MLS and in-person to make sure the new home is just right to fit your family of today and the future.

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