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    9 Practical Moving Tips

    As exciting as it is to move into a new place, the act of moving can be stressful and time-consuming. Starting with a moving checklist and making a plan for packing can help alleviate the headaches that come with moving from your old house to your wonderful new home. To help you further with this, let’s get right into some practical moving tips.

    9 Practical Moving Tips

    9 Practical Moving Tips

    1. Start A Moving Plan Checklist. Write down all the necessary tasks that need to be done and a deadline for those items. For example, if you have 2 months to plan your move, make your list with 8-9 weeks in mind. What can be done the first week, what can be done the second, and so on.
    2. Packing. Plan your packing approach as early as you can. Gather your packing supplies and distribute them throughout the house so you can continue to pack throughout the days and weeks before moving day. Read our helpful plan on packing for your move.
    3. Hire a Moving Company. Bring in movers early in your moving process to lay out your moving day plan and get pricing based on what kind of moving help you need. If you are doing the moving and hauling yourself, call around for moving van availability and pricing. If you are moving locally, ask others who have moved in the past few years, who they recommend, or check customer reviews online. Consider moving insurance to cover any damage to your belongings, too.
    4. Yard Sale and Donations. As you begin to pack, start a spot for yard sale items. Once your sale is over, you can schedule a donations pickup. Search online for an organization near you that will pick up at your current home. Then box or bag up your donations and leave them on your front porch with a label for pickup.
    5. Moving Day Supplies. Put aside a set of clothes and toiletries to keep separate from your moving boxes. Put together a box or bag for prescriptions, dog supplies, and other houseware with easy access when you get to your new home. These items can be placed in your car for easy retrieval before any of your packed items arrive. Plan to bring valuable items that you want to keep off the moving truck. This includes important paperwork and jewelry. You will also need to make a plan for anything flammable or corrosive since many moving companies won’t allow these items on the truck. Dispose of these properly or make arrangements to bring them in your vehicle.
    6. Cleaning. Plan for the cleaning crew at your old home and your new location. Do the carpets need cleaning? Schedule this early enough to make sure they arrive with enough time before the new family moves in.
    7. Daycare and Sitters. Having little ones and pets attended to on moving day can be a huge relief. Knowing they are cared for and you can focus on your move can make your day go smoother. Make sure to plan this well enough in advance so everyone is on the same page.
    8. Mail. Remember to change your address with the post office and with any accounts you receive paper mail from before your move date.
    9. Moving Day. Have a way to cover and protect main pathways on your floors for the moving crew. Many moving companies will probably include walkway covers. Confirm this so you can plan to have some plastic coverings if they do not provide it. Have snacks, drinks, and lunch ideas worked out before the big day. Then plan on completing a final walk-through to make sure all looks clean and nothing has been left behind before you lock up for the final time.

    Make Moving Easier

    We all go through it. Moving can be one of the most stressful times. The projects never seem to end and everything seems to need attention at the same time. To avoid this feeling of moving overwhelm, take the time well in advance to plan what you need and make a checklist to keep you on track.

    Start as early as you can with these practical moving tips and work a little every day to make your move go as easily as possible. When you are done with your move, you will be so excited in your new home that it will make the moving process completely worth it. Make sure to celebrate and enjoy some downtime with your family when you get to this point! Congratulations!

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