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    What are the First Steps to Relocating?

    Have you changed jobs, want to move closer to family, searched for a nicer climate, or just dreamed of a fresh start in a new location? Relocating is a fantastic way to build a better or simpler life. It is often an exciting time, too, but it can certainly be stressful. To make relocating easier, let’s talk about the first steps of the process.

    What are the First Steps to Relocating?

    What are the First Steps to Relocating?

    Similar to moving to a new home that is close by, relocating will involve a lot of the same tasks, but will also require some additional activities. We have a couple of good reads as you plan your move: 6 Things to Do Before a Big Move and Preparing to Move into your New Home.

    Relocating to a new city (or state) and home will involve planning, packing, purging, and transferring your information for your new home. Because your move will be a good distance away from where you currently live, you will need to also plan for things specific to moving a distance away.

    1. Physical Arrangements Who will be in which location and when? Will your real estate agents be able to coordinate plans while you aren’t in the same town? Do you have friends or family that can let contractors or cleaning teams into your home? Your new home will be a distance away, which can make plans difficult if someone is unavailable to be in a certain location at a certain time during your transition.
    2. Budgeting Sketching out a timeline of your moving plans will not only involve moving companies or trucks, food for moving day, and preparing the home you are selling. It’s also important to think about the travel necessary to find your new home, going back and forth before moving day, over-the-road moving costs, and if you need one or more vehicles moved for you. This can be more extensive than a local move, so it’s helpful to consider what is actually necessary for relocating.
    3. Timelines While you have made arrangements to successfully relocate to your new home that is a distance away, working out the timelines necessary will need to be more comprehensive and practical to your life and the moving journey. You will need to think about driving or flying, coordinating family members and life plans, moving pets and plants, and consider essential plans to make everything fall into place.

    How Do I Start the Process of Relocating?

    Here are a few points to consider:

    1. Who will ensure the plans stay on course – a thorough easy-to-access checklist will be invaluable when moving.
    2. Who will make sure all goes smoothly with the new house? And with the house you just sold?
    3. How will family arrangements come together?
    4. What steps will you tackle to make your way to your new home? Again, a good list will help immensely.

    What are the First Things I Should Do When I Relocate to a New State?

    Consider these tasks when you relocate to a different state.

    1. Work out your mail and utilities
    2. Get new license plates and driver’s licenses
    3. Research and establish new doctors (and a veterinarian)
    4. Explore schools
    5. Unpack and set up

    This is just a small list to get started. You will likely be filled with activities and duties to keep you busy for quite a while. Remember to relax, get some sleep, eat well, and enjoy your new location!

    Working with an Experienced Memphis Real Estate Agent

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