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    6 Things to Do Before a Big Move

    Ok – so when you are moving from your home, it’s probably always a big move. There are always going to be many, many things to do whether your house is large or small. It is important to start early, stay organized, and use a checklist to keep the process moving with things to do before your big move. Let’s take a closer look.

    6 Things to Do Before a Big Move

    6 Things to Do Before a Big Move

    Starting early with your planning and action items is a good way to reduce stress and stay on schedule for your big move. Sticking to your moving To Do list and tackling some projects every day will help as well. Gathering supplies like boxes, tape, and markers is just part of the process. Weeding out, cleaning out, and strategically distributing will be fundamental in your moving project.

    Setting up stations within your home can help with items you will throw out, give away, and sell. In fact, it might be time to get rid of more things that you were thinking about. If you are moving out of state or downsizing, reducing the amount you will move can be really advantageous to your unpacking as well as moving costs. Check out our 6 Simple Packing Tips to help your move go smoothly.

    How to Prepare to Move

    As you prepare for your big move, there will be many things to think about. Packing, movers, coordinating yard sales and thrift store pickups, family necessities, and – of course – preparing your new home.

    Remember to put your new home tasks on your list!

    Here is a breakdown of tasks to help you stay on track with your big move.

    1. Movers Book them, and coordinate dates and whatever house walk-throughs or discussions they would like, early. Discuss the moving day schedule and packing if they will be doing some of that for you.
    2. Clear Out Clutter Most people take time to eliminate unwanted or unused items during a move. De-cluttering can be quite invigorating. Tossing items that can’t be reused, sold, and given away will make your move easier. Who needs to hold on to those things that can just weigh down your new life?
    3. Set Up Moving Stations Using your time wisely during the day can help your move proceed smoothly. Work room by room eliminating, sorting, and packing before shifting to the next room. Take an hour or two each day to funnel through each portion of your current house. Remember to pack your valuables specifically and in a “personal” or “open first” box to transport yourself.
    4. Family Admin Remember to change your address and utilities while organizing other family needs like school paperwork, pet documents, and doctor records that will be necessary as you move to your new place.
    5. Schedule Cleaning Whether you will hire or do it yourself, cleaning arrangements should be made around your moving schedule. If you want a window or carpet service, make sure to reach out to them early to secure a date.
    6. Plan Moving Day No matter if you are having movers or are transporting your belongings yourself, moving day will be a big day. Consider things like the moving truck, who will help move boxes, snacks and meals, timelines, and whether you will have help with children and pets.

    What to Do Before Moving

    It’s impossible to think of everything when it comes to a move. But this list can give you a good headstart and a jumping-off point to add more tasks to as they come up. Try to fit some exercise, sleep, and relaxation into your moving plans so the big move you are arranging stays on course and isn’t too hectic for you.

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