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    How to Prepare for an Open House

    You have decided to sell your home and move to a wonderful, new place. After you select your real estate agent and decide to list your home, having an open house is often one of the ways your agent will use in order to show it off. An open house is a great way to offer your home to the public and get a large group of people to view it all at once.

    We have talked about staging your home and getting your home ready to sell already. Now it’s time to discuss the open house you want to have so everyone can see it! After all, getting more people in to see your home will help get it sold quicker.

    What can you do to prepare for your open house and what can you expect during and after your showing?

    How To Get Ready for an Open House

    How to Prepare for an Open House

    Your Real Estate Agent will Help you Prepare

    Your agent will do a number of things to prepare your home and get the open house event ready. While holding an open house used to involve a few signs on the street and a listing on the MLS, now your real estate agent will also list your home on social media and maybe even run some ads to promote your home listing and open house. Ask them what you can expect from them in these regards. It’s best to showcase your home in as many places as possible to attract as much attention as you can.

    Your real estate agent will still put signs up around your neighborhood and on some of the main streets to attract attention to people driving by. Have you ever stopped into an open house to see what’s available in a specific neighborhood? Even if someone is just curious, they might know someone in their family or group of friends that happens to be looking. Getting more people in your home will help you sell home. You have a better chance to sell it the more people that come by to see it!

    Going door to door in the neighborhood to spread the word of your open house can also help get more people in the door. Your agent might leave their card after chatting with your neighbors, but they will probably hand out a flyer with your open house listing information as well. Bringing people in the door is the ticket to get more people interested.

    Getting Ready for Your Open House

    Your part of getting your home ready for your open house is going to be similar to staging your home. You’ll want to take care of any projects that need to be fixed as well as making your home super clean.

    The first tasks you should address to get your home ready are any areas of your home that need to be repaired or replaced. This will also include any repainting and staining of walls and baseboards, outside walls, stairway posts and handles. These areas will stick out and making them look their best will help your home stand out and sell the fastest.

    Next, you want to make sure your home is extra clean, organized, and picked up. If you have a hard time staying on top of this, consider hiring some help before your open house. It’s just one day or one weekend so you want to make it look fantastic!

    And, lastly, you want to think about any staging you want to put in place. Staging your home is the art of making a home look its absolute best. This will involve removing all clutter and personal items. It might include storing excess furniture and knick-knacks or include bringing in separate furniture and decor to stage it to make it look more modern and most appealing.

    Consider the front porch and walkway areas when you are staging as well. These front entry areas will grab your viewer’s attention first. Adding flowers and making sure it looks its best will draw the eye in for an appealing and attractive first impression.

    Selling Your Home Quickly

    These tactics are all put into play to help your house sell quickly and at the best price. Just think, after all your hard work you might receive a number of offers on your house and then you can quickly move on to your next fantastic home!

    Choosing a Real Estate Agent

    When you are ready to sell your current home or buy a new one, look to a top-rated and experienced real estate agent. An agent that is familiar with the locations and types of properties you love in the Memphis area. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or open land you’re looking for, work with a real estate professional that you can trust.

    Click here to learn more about me and how I can help you with your home purchase, buying parcels of land, or looking to move to a new home. My skills and education are focused on what you need for a great Real Estate experience. I would love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have. I can also put you in touch with a great home stager, handyman and cleaning crew to make your home look its best. Contact me at (901) 828-8919 or drop me a quick note angie@angiekelley.com. Look forward to speaking with you today!

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