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    Questions to Ask When Buying a Luxury Home

    Your new home is waiting for you, and it’s a luxury house to meet all your wants and needs! Whether you already have the perfect ideas for features your luxury home should have or you’ll soon discover what’s out there, it’s helpful to know what to expect when luxury home shopping and what questions to ask when buying a luxury home (hint: they may be different than your average home search questions).

    Questions to Ask When Buying a Luxury Home

    Questions to Ask When Buying a Luxury Home

    Buying a luxury home will involve asking a number of questions throughout the process just like you would if you were buying a home that is less extravagant. Things like price, location, quality of schools, and what the neighborhood is like will certainly come up. And of course, you’ll want to be as thorough and specific with your questions as you need to be.

    However, buying a luxury home will involve other kinds of considerations. Integrated technology elements, convenience features, entertainment rooms, high-end finishes and appliances, architecture and designer looks, lifestyle features, and neighborhood expenses can all come into play when buying a luxury home.

    Top 5 Things to Look for When Buying a Luxury House

    The list we mentioned above is a good checklist to add to your luxury home-hunting particulars. We have broken out items for you to think about during your luxury home search.

    1. Home Technology and Wiring If the home is fantastic but it’s older, the technology and wiring could be out of date. Ask about what has been installed, warranties, and how well all of the mechanics work together.
    2. Entertainment Rooms If you’re interested in spreading out some and finding space for your family to enjoy movies, exercising, and a deluxe garage area. Keep this in mind when reviewing the listings and speaking with your real estate professional. Be realistic if any of these areas are a must.
    3. High-End Finishes and Appliances This is one of the nicest parts of living in a luxury home. Make sure the quality is what you are looking for or if these elements are easily replaceable.
    4. Architecture and Designers Are the plans available for the home you want to buy? Are there certain elements that make up the home that are signature looks, styles, or details of a particular architecture style, architect, or designer?
    5. Neighborhood Expenses Remember the golf course, HOA fees, or other recreational expenses that can come into play in a luxury neighborhood. Is it something you are interested in using or does the neighborhood have more amenities than you will use?

    How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a Luxury Home

    Working with a real estate agent that is well-versed in luxury home buying and selling is a must. An agent that has worked behind the scenes of a transaction of this stature will give you the best support.

    Speak with your real estate professional about fees for their services and if there are extras to consider as the process proceeds.

    Also, ask about finding the best luxury home listings. Do they use the traditional MLS for up-to-date information or do they have other internal sites specifically to find home listings of this quality and distinction?

    Discuss negotiating for the home with your real estate agent. They will be able to tell you more accurately if the asking price is reasonable or if it needs some adjustment. Does the home price reflect the neighborhood well? What about the amenities and look of the home? Does it need updating or repairs?

    Working with an Experienced Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    When it’s time to sell your existing home or buy a great new place, turn to a highly regarded and well-informed local real estate agent. You want someone that you can trust to give you the best advice and know-how for your new home purchase or sale. Check out my other great real estate articles to help you through your home selling and buying experience here in Memphis. Staging homes for sale is also part of my expertise. Please ask me about it when you reach out.

    Take a minute to learn more about me. With over 15 years of top-notch service for my clients, I can guide you with your house sale, new home purchase, or buying a great parcel of land. As a top, licensed real estate agent in the Memphis area, showing you the best properties for you and your family is my goal!

    Contact me at (901) 828-8919 or drop me a quick note at angie@angiekelley.com and we can speak in person about your plans and options. Ask me about seeing homes for sale by video or virtual tour and find the best place for you!

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