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    What to Ask about a Virtual House Tour

    Do you want an easy way to view a home you want to buy? Or are you pressed for time or out of town, but still want to go new house shopping? Whatever the reason, video house tours are a great solution to this problem. Video and virtual home tours are relatively new ways to view homes you want to look at when you are shopping for a new home, and they’ve proven to be very effective for many prospective homebuyers. They can really give you an up-close look at what a home’s interior, exterior, floor plan, and neighborhood look like. While video and virtual home tours aren’t a complete replacement for an in-person walk-through, they can help you narrow down your choices and help you select just the right homes to visit up close. Now that you understand what a video or virtual home tour is and how it benefits you, let’s look at what questions to ask during your virtual home tour.

    What questions to ask during a virtual home tour

    Questions to Ask During Your Virtual Home Tour

    Some of the homes you view online through the MLS (What is the MLS?) may include a virtual tour as part of the property listing. This type of video tour can be helpful, but may be a little confusing because they are typically created by setting a camera in 1 place in a space and taking a 360 degree view of that room, or by turning still photos of the property, into a video slideshow.

    So if you are going to schedule a live virtual tour conducted by your agent, you’ll not only have it narrated and can ask questions during your virtual tour, but you’ll be able to “walk” from room to room to better understand the flow of the property.

    Below is a list of questions you can ask your real estate agent before or during your virtual home tour.

    1. Ask about the technology. Can you zoom in and out on the video or virtual tour? Can a room be revisited? Can you ask to get a close up of a lighting fixture, floor, or some other feature of a home? Can the virtual tour include an outside walk-around of the property?
    2. What if there is a live video problem? If you are on a live video tour with your agent at the home, ask if they will record the tour so you can watch later on a replay type of basis if for any reason the connection has an issue. If you want to show it to other friends or family members, a link to view the same tour at a later time, can be helpful.
    3. While you will not be directly in the home to inspect anything up close, you can ask your real estate agent to take a look at anything you particularly want to know about the house. If the video tour is a live session, you can continue to ask questions as they arise, just as if you were present at the walkthrough.
    4. How does everything look overall? Are there worn or damaged areas that are more visible in person? Your real estate agent can certainly move around and get in closer to areas you ask about.
    5. How about updates to the home? Were they done well and with good workmanship and materials? Ask about the age of the appliances, water heater, and furnace, and any other items included with the home, too. If you want a view inside closets, cabinets, or an attic, you should ask to see those areas during your virtual home tour.

    Questions to Ask After Your Virtual Home Tour

    While you review a home virtually, make sure to keep a list of questions or comments to cover with your agent after it’s concluded. You will likely have more than what we list, but this is a good checklist to start with.

    1. Ask about smells or other concerns that really require an in-person visit. Any signs of water damage or cracks? What is the condition of the walls, carpets, and other fixtures in the house? Did any of them show wear that would be hard to notice during the virtual or video walkthrough?
    2. Ask about the neighborhood, houses immediately surrounding the property, and exterior of the home.
    3. Ask your agent what they liked. Did your real estate agent come away with a good feeling about the home? Did they feel it showed well? Or did they think it could have been a better experience?

    Your Tech-Savvy Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

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