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    What is a Virtual House Walkthrough?

    There can be reasons why you can’t view a home for sale up close and in-person. To compensate for times like that, an easy adjustment is to have your real estate agent take you on a virtual house walkthrough. This allows you to “tour” a home for sale from any other location you are in. Whether you’re halfway across the country from the house you’re considering buying, or just around the corner, virtual home walkthroughs are a helpful way to tour a home you are interested in buying.

    What is a Virtual House Walkthrough?

    What is a Virtual House Walkthrough?

    So, what is a virtual house walkthrough tour? It’s just the way it sounds…an agent walks you through a home you are interested in buying using one of many tech options like FaceTime or Zoom on their smartphones. The video can even be pre-recorded by a homeowner or real estate agent, and then displayed on an agent’s website or MLS listing.

    Virtual Walkthrough Formats

    A virtual walkthrough tour can be available to view in a number of different formats…from still images shown in an easy-to-follow series, to a 360° real estate home tour that can give you a full and accurate view inside the home you are interested in buying. 3D virtual tours are also starting to come into play for real estate home tours that offer a more dimensional quality. These virtual formats for showing a home for sale have come a long way, and seeing what is on the screen is becoming more and more like what you see in person.

    Virtual Walkthrough Viewpoint

    A good virtual home tour will include a full overview of the home, moving from room to room, to the outside yard and even the neighborhood. It provides you a way to really imagine yourself in the space and to better understand the flow and floorplan of the home…even from afar.

    Save Time with Virtual Walkthrough Tours

    Virtual walkthrough home tours are a great benefit to viewing homes outside of your location. Not only can you save time by viewing the home you are considering buying, but the drive time or even the flying time can be avoided altogether. Virtual walkthrough home tours can give you a pretty accurate overview of the home you are interested in, so this can be a hugely beneficial time saver.

    Staging is Still Important for Virtual Tours

    If you are selling your home and considering offering a virtual tour of your house for sale, make sure you still do a good job staging your home. A virtual tour is not a magical cover-up for a messy or unkempt home, or overdue repairs. A well-staged home will always show best whether up close and in-person or over a virtual home walkthrough tour.

    Your Knowledgeable Memphis Real Estate Agent

    When you are ready to sell your home and buy a new place for you and your family, look to a highly-regarded and knowledgeable Memphis real estate agent. Working with a qualified real estate professional that you can trust to both guide you and advise you through the home selling and buying process makes all the difference! Whether you’re looking at homes online or visiting houses in person for onsite tours, I can prepare you and lead you through all the new techniques.

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