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    3 Reasons Why you Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Home

    You have decided to sell your home and move! You could be moving for any number of reasons. Perhaps you took a new job, want to retire to a new location, or upsize to a larger home to accommodate your growing family. You’ve heard online that selling your own home can be a great way to save on costs, and how hard can it be, right? Well, there is a reason real estate agents do what they do, and I think you’ll find after reading this that it will be more beneficial to hire a professional who is experienced, trained, and dedicated to your home sale than it would be trying to sell your home on your own.

    3 Reasons Why you Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Home

    3 Reasons Why you Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Home

    We are going to touch on a number of reasons why you’ll be better off selling your home with the help of a real estate agent instead of taking on this critical task by yourself.

    The first reason you’ll love using a real estate agent to help sell your home is their extensive knowledge with your local area and what the homes are valued for in your community. Your local agent will have insight into what homes like yours list for vs sell for. For example, they will be familiar with homes that have been bought and sold, what the condition and upgrades were in each property, and how much land came with each property.

    This type of home sales information isn’t readily available to a local homeowner. A real estate agent accumulates information about properties in your area over time, and that knowledge is used to guide the pricing, update recommendations, and sales process successfully. This knowledge will be used for a quicker sale for your house.

    The second reason I would like to point out is the time spent. While I mentioned above about education and experience with your neighborhood, time is a large contributor to selling a home right. Not only does it take time to develop the knowledge about the community you are selling your home in, but it also takes considerable time to actually list, market, show, negotiate, follow up, and sell your home.

    Time is a big factor when you want to sell your home quickly, as most people do. Selling a home without a real estate agent can often take longer than you would like, thus costing you more in the long run. You will have plenty of tasks to keep you busy as a homeowner when you are selling your current house. Adding a second profession as your own real estate agent to the list might be too much when you also need to work, take care of your family, pack, do repairs, prepare your home to move, etc. Having a real estate agent selling your home can be an incredible time-saver.

    The third reason to have a real estate agent on your home selling team is because selling a home involves contracts, paperwork, contingencies, and negotiations. Real estate agents study the function and processes involved in legal home sale documents. They have developed the knowledge necessary in this field to inform you best and explain all your legal options. Your agent will know the ins and outs of how this type of contract paperwork is applied, filled out, enforced, and carried out for your best interest.

    Without an agent working with you and giving you direction, you might not fill the sales contracts out properly or during the correct timeline. You might worry about the negotiations and procedures required for your home sale. And without a real estate agent on your team, you might have to guess or – even worse – make the wrong decisions and possibly leave money on the table or jeopardize closing.

    Do You Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home?

    As you can see, using a real estate agent is going to be a smart choice for you when you are selling your home and making that move! Experienced agents in your local community can provide superior negotiating skills, they know what to look for to give you the best listing price, and they can give you the best guidance when it comes to the paperwork and selling details that you need.

    So, while you don’t technically need a real estate agent to sell your house for you, it would be wise to weigh your knowledge and experience on the subject with that of an agent who knows the best ways to sell your home fast and get you the best rate for your area.

    Your Experienced Local Memphis Real Estate Agent

    When you are ready to sell your home and buy a new place, look to a highly-regarded and experienced real estate agent. Working with a qualified real estate professional that you can trust to both guide you and advise you through the home selling and buying process makes all the difference! Whether your next move is to a house or open land to build your new home on, working with a skilled local agent will help you get the best place at the best deal.

    Click here to learn more about me and how I can help you with your house sale, new home purchase, or buying parcels of land. My skills and education are focused on what you need for a great real estate selling and buying experience. I also offer some great tips to help get your house ready to sell fast, here, in the Memphis area. I know how important selling your house quickly can be; contact me at (901) 828-8919 or drop me a quick note angie@angiekelley.com and we can discuss your options. I look forward to speaking with you today!

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