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    What is a Home Appraisal & What is the Appraisal Process?

    Just like what we discussed in our home inspection blog post, your home appraisal is a step in the buying and selling process, and something that takes place after a contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller, but before closing. A home appraisal is something your mortgage lender will require in order to prove that the home you want to buy is worth the agreed upon purchase price. A home appraisal is ordered by the buyer’s mortgage team, and the home appraiser is hired by them to assess the value of the home you want to buy, the neighborhood it’s in, and the homes that have recently sold in the area. Let’s take a deeper look at a home appraisal and how the home appraisal process works.

    What is a Home Appraisal & What is the Appraisal Process?

    What is a Home Appraisal and What the is Appraisal Process?

    How Home Appraisers Determine a Property’s Value

    The home appraiser will consider several factors about a property, the physical structure, the land it sits on, and the immediate surrounding area to determine a home’s value. Some of these factors include: the condition of the home and its structure, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the acreage of the lot, upgraded materials used in the home, and the average selling price and cost per square foot of similar homes located in close proximity of the home being valued.

    What Happens After the Physical Appraisal is Complete?

    Once the physical review of the property by the appraiser is complete, the appraiser can take up to a week to put together the home appraisal report. Most likely you, your real estate agent, and your mortgage lender will receive an electronic copy of the appraisal report including pictures of the property to be purchased as well as information on comparable properties used to help set the appraisal value.

    In some cases, if the down payment you are going to make on the home is substantial enough in relation to the agreed upon purchase price, the appraiser might simply conduct a “drive by” review of the home. This is because the amount being financed is well below the purchase price of the home, and the mortgage company doesn’t require the same in-depth review of the home.

    What if my Home Appraisal Comes Back Too Low?

    If the appraisal report comes back with a value lower than the agreed upon purchase price, you as the buyer could decline to purchase the home, offer to pay the difference between the appraised value and purchase price, or renegotiate the purchase price with the seller. The seller also has the option to decline moving forward with the sale of their home.

    What if my Home Appraisal Comes Back Higher than the Purchase Price?

    If the appraisal comes in at a higher price range than what you agreed to in your purchase contract, consider yourself lucky! You can proceed with your purchase knowing that you not only got a good deal but have some instant added equity.

    Most of the time, the appraisal will closely match the sales price.

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