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    What Does it Mean to Stage my House?

    You have reviewed the current state of your home and your budget, and made your home-buying plans. You’ve decided on your future home’s location and even started to do a little new home shopping. Now it’s time to think about selling the home you currently own. After talking with your real estate agent, you think it might be a good idea to stage your home before you list it to sell. Maybe you’ve heard of staging a home to prepare it to sell fast. But you haven’t really explored what that actually means….until now. Here’s the answer to the question, “What does it mean to stage a house?”

    What does it mean to stage a house?

    What Does it Mean to Stage a House?

    Staging a home for sale is the practice of removing clutter, deep cleaning, rearranging furniture and decor as needed, and presenting your home in the best light. Not everyone takes this step when selling their home, though everyone should. Staging your home before listing will put you at an advantage over the other listed homes because of all the benefits staging provides.

    Home Staging Process

    The time it takes to stage a home will vary. Factors like if you still live in the home or have moved out, how much de-personalizing and decluttering are needed, and if you have a couple larger To Dos you need to accomplish before listing – like new paint or carpet.

    If you live in a home with lots of personal items inside or out, staging is the perfect solution for making your home as appealing to as many home buyers as possible. Homes like this will often need to clear away many personal items to provide an open, spacious feel.

    If you enjoy a lot of colorful walls or have some outdated fixtures and furniture, you will want to explore repainting the rooms that are currently boldly represented, update some of the fixtures that are showing their age, and adding in furniture pieces that say modern to your home visitors.

    And, even if you live in a well-kept home, a deep “spring cleaning” will only make it better. Making sure all the surfaces are dust-free and the shiny or glass surfaces sparkle to really make your home stand out to your home shopping guests.

    How Do I Stage My Home?

    The first thing you’ll want to do when planning your home staging is to get a review from your real estate agent. Your agent will walk through your home and give feedback on how home buyers will view it. Your agent will look in your closets and cabinets as well as the overall home layout, and give you suggestions on what to tackle and what won’t be necessary to address for your staging plan.

    Clearing out clutter and home decor that overpowers is the best way to start. Packing items and storing them, organizing them well in a closet or cabinet, or taking this time to donate them is the direction you want to go in.

    Analyzing your home color choices is always recommended when you are selling your home. This is one of the easiest ways you can update your home’s appearance, open up your home’s layout, and provide an overall clean look to the house you want to sell.

    Reviewing your furniture and its layout in each room will be important. Creating an open, uncluttered feel with easy walking and sight lines is paramount when staging a house. You would be surprised how little furniture you’ll need in your home to give it a lived-in feel while still affording a great clean look.

    Home Staging Services in Memphis

    Next, you’ll want to consider if you want to stage your home yourself or hire someone to help you. Selling your home is a large undertaking. Especially when you consider that you also need to go to work and take care of your family during the home selling process. A great way to eliminate some of the work is to hire someone to help you stage your home and make it look fantastic before you list it.

    Your staging professional can provide guidance on what to box up. Furniture can be rearranged to look just right for your MLS listing photos, showings, and open houses. Accessories can be brought in or removed as needed. Your staging pro will add just the right touches to let your home show the best and sell fast. They do this every day and know what works.

    Hiring someone to do your painting and minor repairs or updates can save a lot of time during your home sale process as well. Coordinating this portion of the staging process with your staging expert can keep your schedule on time.

    Your Expert Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    When it’s time to sell your existing home or buy a great new place, turn to a highly-regarded and well-informed local real estate agent. You want a real estate agent that will guide you during both your local home selling and buying processes. You want someone who you can trust to give you the best advice. Check out my other great articles to help you through your home selling and buying experience here in Memphis.

    And, take a minute to learn more about me and how I can guide you with your house sale, new home purchase, or buying a great parcel of land. With over 15 years of top-notch service for my clients, I want to help you with your home selling or buying process as well. And, I know how important selling your current house and how staging can put your house above the rest of the homes; contact me at (901) 828-8919 or drop me a quick note angie@angiekelley.com and we can speak in person about your plans and options. I look forward to speaking with you today! Ask me about how I can help you with your home staging!

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