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    Why Staging your Home Before Listing is Important

    Have you ever wondered why you should go through the process of staging your home when you are going to sell it? You know that you have spent years decorating it and making it perfect, and now are being asked to tuck everything away. Maybe you’re being asked to repaint some rooms or doing some work on your front yard, too. Let me tell you, staging is one of the most important tasks you can take on when you are selling your home. Let’s look at the reasons why staging your home before listing is important.

    Why Staging your Home Before Listing is Important

    Why Staging your Home Before Listing is Important

    Quickly, before we discuss it further, let’s talk about what staging your home is. Staging your house is preparing it for home shoppers to get a clear picture of the house you are selling. Staging your house is not redecorating. Staging is adjusting the look of your home to give your guests the opportunity to see the best of your home and be able to envision themselves living there. Modifying the surroundings to give your house the feel of being a comfortable, pleasant space to call home is one of the main ways staging can benefit the sale of your house.

    5 Reasons to Stage your House to Sell Quickly

    1. Staging allows your home to speak for itself. All the wonderful parts of your home can shine when you have done some proper staging. Cleaning up clutter and repainting allows your guests to view your home with a good understanding of what it has to offer. If all they remember when they see your home are the statues, colorful rugs, and hanging plants, they probably wouldn’t remember your home as the one with the pretty patio, open floor plan, and friendly neighborhood. Your home wouldn’t stand out among the other homes your visitors see that day and that could be unfavorable to the sale process.
    2. Staging your house for sale is also a great way to show off the space of your home. While you might normally live with many things like household ornaments, displays, and decorations, visitors to your home want to see many spacious areas so they get a feeling that their life and family will easily fit into the space that is available. A home that has been staged in this manner will be less cramped, and appear bigger and roomier.
    3. Staging your home will project the appearance that your home is well cared for. Areas inside and outside your house won’t be covered up by unnecessary objects that distract your visitors’ view of your home. The home and yard will be clean and organized and free of clutter when it is well-staged. This will show a positive and inviting perception that you care about your home because it shows off the home for what it is and doesn’t require a lot of embellishment. Staging your house will show off your home’s good qualities and guests don’t have to go looking for well-kept places in your house. They will instantly be able to see that your house is looked after and well maintained. This is the kind of home people will want to buy and because of this, it is the kind of home that will sell quickly.
    4. Staging your house for sale also gives your guests the look that this house is ready to move into. The repairs have been addressed in your well-maintained home. The clutter has been boxed up and is ready to move. The house is clean and the paint looks nice. What more could a new home buyer want but a house that looks easy to move into and enjoy?
    5. When you stage your house, some of the rooms might get a redo based on the intention of the space. Have you been using your dining room as a workout gym? Did you have a front sitting room that you used as an office? Staging your home can reconfigure rooms and spaces in your house to give the house hunting guests a better idea of the use of these rooms. Your real estate agent will be able to direct you with some great staging suggestions. For example, if you are using two of your bedrooms as offices, converting one back into a bedroom while you are selling your home could be a better perspective towards what home buyers are actually looking for in your area. This might be a very family-oriented location and every bedroom counts when kids are moving in!

    The Value of Staging your Home

    Converting rooms, painting, and staging your house can be a bit of an inconvenience when you are selling your home. But, remember, this is temporary. And the more of this helpful staging you do to your house, the potential there is for it to sell faster. You will be moving to your next home soon and then you can relax and enjoy your space however you would like it once again.

    One last note on why staging your home for sale is so important is that your house will stand out above the rest. Many people don’t bother staging their homes, and that means when you do, your home will shine better than the rest!

    Your Real Estate Agent and Staging Expert

    When you are ready to buy your new home or sell your current one, look to a highly-regarded, and experienced real estate agent. Whether it’s residential or open land you’re looking for, working with a qualified real estate professional that you can trust to guide you through the home and land buying process makes a difference!

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