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    What Items are Not Worth Moving

    Moving can feel like a daunting task, can’t it? Sometimes you may even think to yourself that you should just throw it all away and start fresh in your new place. Usually, that’s not the most practical approach. Besides, you probably like a lot of your belongings, some things are sentimental, and it can be pretty expensive to leave it all behind and start again. So as you look around your current home and prepare to pack for your upcoming move, what items are not worth moving?

    What Items are Not Worth Moving

    Items Not Worth Moving

    As you look around your house and start going through drawers and closets, keep an eye out for those things that are old, broken, worn, stained, or expired. Rummage through boxes and containers to sort out what you have forgotten about and what you truly can’t live without.

    We always like to start with 3 boxes. One for trash, one to give away, and one to pack up while you sort through your home and its belongings. Consider this three-part sorting process to help weed through everything under your roof, and discard your excess stuff and items that are not worth moving.

    Common Things Not Worth Moving to your New Home

    1. Clothes Stained, torn, or worn clothes can be tossed. Some thrift groups will donate stained or torn items for rags. Old, out of style, wrong sizes, and any clothing you don’t like anymore can easily be donated. Don’t bring something with you that you don’t like simply because you’ve owned it for several years. If it’s something sentimental, maybe even have a family member or friend you could pass it to.
    2. Health and Beauty Products This is an excellent time to check expiration dates on anything in your medicine cabinet or bathroom drawers. Any medications or over-the-counter health products that are out of date including things like sunscreen and cosmetics that are old, should be tossed. Go through the rest and be honest with yourself as to whether you will use the products or if there’s someone else to give them to.
    3. Food Similar to health and beauty items, toss anything old or expired. If you are moving far or packing and moving yourself, consider donating most of your unopened food. Keep a little for the days before you move, but make arrangements with close neighbors or a food pantry to give away the rest.
    4. Knick Knacks Have you been hanging on to sentimental odds and ends… that have lost their sentiment? What about those things you used to think you couldn’t live without or matched an old decor style you no longer use in your home? Decide if you really want to pack it and move it to your new home. If you think you would rather not make the effort to move it with you, donate it so someone else can enjoy it.
    5. Housewares It’s very possible that you have compiled a large number of household and kitchen items you never really use. Do the same sorting process you did with your knick knacks. Did you really need that second crock pot? Are 10 mixing spoons too many?
    6. Keepsakes This really is the hardest one to part with, isn’t it? If you have never moved before, you might not realize how many of these precious mementos you actually have. Sorting through them can be difficult, and getting rid of them can be even more of a challenge. Take the time you need to review what you can. You can consider reducing your memorabilia to one or two boxes and moving everything else onward. Take a picture of it, and toss it or donate it as feasible.

    What to Do with Unwanted Stuff When Moving

    Consider these three questions as you decide what to keep:

    1. How much do I need this?
    2. How much do I want this?
    3. How much does this weigh me down?

    If something you love is just something you cart around but you never use or show off, maybe it should go to someone else who will like it. This can give you more room for something that brings real value to your life.

    What should you do with all this unwanted stuff when you’re moving? Donation trucks can pick up those things you don’t want. Having a traditional yard sale can be a helpful way to eliminate unwanted items and make a few bucks. Or an estate sale can help you relinquish a larger quantity of items, as well as furniture, and a team can help bring in crowds with marketing and organization.

    Whatever direction you go in, take time well before you decide to move so the project doesn’t become overwhelming and you can make the discretionary decisions without distress or upset.

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