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    What Should you Declutter before Moving?

    Answering the question, “What should you declutter before moving?” is tough! Whether you are living in a small apartment or a large home, you will probably have some degree of clutter. Be sure to consider how much time, money, and energy you’ll save yourself by getting rid of the clutter you truly don’t need instead of moving it. With that being said, what should you declutter before moving? This blog post will help.

    What You Should Declutter Before Moving

    What You Should Declutter Before Moving

    One great way to whittle down some of the stress from moving is to take time and declutter before the packing begins. Get rid of stuff – the junk and things you’ve randomly accumulated and hung onto over the years. Ease your overall stress by decluttering not only your home, but your life.

    How to Approach Decluttering

    To start, gather a bunch of boxes and bags. Label them:

    • Give away or Donate

    • Sell

    • Toss

    • Unsure or Thinking about

    From here, you can easily fill these labeled boxes and bags with your clutter and manage these items without a lot of headaches.

    How to Decide What to Keep When Moving

    Below is the 9 step process for deciding what to keep (or donate or sell!) when moving.

    1. Pick a room to start in. Now is the fun part. Whichever room you start decluttering in, decide if you will also be packing at the same time. This can be a helpful time-saver. However, if you have packers coming to move you, you can just take this time to go through all the drawers, cabinets, closets, and bins to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.
    2. Give yourself a time limit. Setting a time limit will help make the decluttering task more manageable, relaxing, and maybe even fun. Will you spend an hour? Half an hour? Set a timer if you’d like and get started. Maybe you can fit the time in while dinner is cooking or while the kids are at a sporting event. Decluttering doesn’t have to happen all at once.
    3. Pick a designated area. Choosing one spot to store your items as you are decluttering can help manage the project and keep the decluttering process from turning into a mess of its own. Can you have a designated area in the garage to set up the donation and selling boxes? Or perhaps in a spare room?
    4. Ruthless vs. Flexible. I’m not going to lie – decluttering can be exhausting. “Should I keep this? My late relative gave it to me 40 years ago, but it just collects dust. It’s kind of nice, though.” See where I’m going here? Decluttering can be tough. A good solution might be to have a separate pile labeled unsure or thinking about it, and revisiting that pile once all your other decluttering is complete.
    5. Persevere. Keep at it until you have decluttered your entire home – attics, too. Remember the garage space and the yard areas as well. Things can be hiding where you forgot about them, and you’ll surely discover several items you packed away at some point and forgot all about. It’s hard work, but it will be so exciting when you have decluttered and shed those items you no longer need or want.
    6. Review. Once you have assessed everything in your home, finalize your decisions on your Unsure pile.
    7. Rummage Sale. Schedule your rummage sale or post your online listings. Whatever is left, you can give to interested neighbors or set with your donation pile.
    8. Time To Donate. Schedule your pickup with your local donation program to make donating your items easy.
    9. Celebrate. You have weeded out all your unnecessary possessions and decluttered your home for moving! It must feel great to finish this large project. Celebrate having less clutter to take to your new place!

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