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    5 Best Projects To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    We’ve previously talked about areas outside of your house that you could spruce up to make your house look great from the moment your potential buyers see it. Today, we want to talk more specifically about 5 top curb appeal ideas to help your house look its best when you are listing it for sale. Curb appeal is an important area to focus on when you are selling your home. The goal is to present your house as a place your buyers will love right away, and that is move-in ready (at least from the outside). Here are the 5 best projects to improve your home’s curb appeal.

    5 Best Projects To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

    5 Best Projects To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    1. Your Home’s Paint. Your house’s outdoor paint finish needs to look its best. If you see the trim is peeling or the siding is worn or weathered, having a fresh coat of paint in a neutral but stylish color will go a long way to making your home shine. This is one of the top areas to focus on when you are upping your home’s curb appeal.
    2. Landscaping. The yard must look nice. It doesn’t need to be extensively landscaped or filled with high-end plantings, but it should look well-kept, and without dying grass patches or weeds. Having a pleasing lawn and uncluttered flower bed areas is the best way to present your home for sale. If your yard is in need of some love, tending to this before you list your house is highly recommended.
    3. The Front Door. This is the first thing your guests will walk through as they enter the inside of your home. Again, if the paint is peeling or the finish is scraped up, your front door’s appearance will set the stage for your home buyers’ expectations. Clean up your front door with a fresh coat of attractive paint or stain in a look that matches the rest of your home and neighborhood. Discuss the colors with your real estate agent and they can give you some good colors to choose from.
    4. Your Mailbox. Yes, your mailbox. Many people forget about this little attachment to their home, but it will certainly stand out to home buyers if it looks shabby. Clean it up and repaint it if necessary. It’s important to remember this is an extension of your home, even if it’s at the street. If your mailbox needs more help than an easy repainting or cleaning can take care of, a simple replacement will do wonders. Make it look nice so it doesn’t negatively affect your curb appeal.
    5. Front Porch Staging. Now that everything looks great and updated, some outdoor staging will complete your curb appeal spruce-up. Consider some flowers or miniature trees in pots at the front door. Maybe a wreath to accent your newly dressed-up front door. Keep this part of your staging to a minimum. You want just the right amount to provide a nice accent without creating clutter or distraction from your wonderful house for sale.

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