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    How to Stage your Home to Get it Ready To Sell

    Selling your home is a big job. But the beauty is it will be over much more quickly if you stage your home well and make it presentable for your home buying guests. Staging is one of the best ways to bring your home up to a level that shines and impresses. Here are 5 areas to focus on to stage your home to get it ready to sell.

    How to Stage your Home to Get it Ready To Sell

    How to Stage your Home to Get it Ready to Sell

    1. Clear Away Clutter. You’ve probably heard it before, but clearing away clutter and stashing away any sign of disorganization is number one at making your house look its best. When you’ve gone through your home and cleared away most of your accessories and knick-knacks, take some time to tuck away most of your personal pictures and extra wall hangings that might make the space look crowded and too personalized.

      Take a last look around and see if there is anything else you could remove from the space to make your home look open and airy. If you have glass cabinets with bric-a-brac or dishes stored inside, go through this as well to make sure it looks neat and elegant. And take some time to review your closets. Guests will look at these as spaces to store their things. If the closets are messy and overflowing, the home will appear too small and hard to organize.

    2. Cleaning Top to Bottom. After the clutter has been removed and packed away, cleaning your home from top to bottom is the second most important step to take before showing your home. Make sure to polish the mirrors and sink areas, vacuum and mop all floors, and clean all the windows. Giving your home a good “spring cleaning” can really make a house sparkle and give it a bright, happy appearance.
    3. House Smells. A home showing is all about first impressions. And while it’s not visible, a home’s odor will generate pleasant or unpleasant perceptions to your open house visitors. Ask your real estate agent to give you an assessment of your home in this aspect as well.

      If your home smells like pets, cooking, or something else unpleasant, take the time to thoroughly eliminate these odors. Leave the space smelling neutral after you clear up any odors, or light some mildly-scented candles. Keep the odors and scents to a minimum so it’s appealing to everyone.

    4. Home Repairs. When you have gone through the process of clearing away clutter, cleaning and touching on any home odors you might have, you probably came across some areas of your home that could use some home repairs. Make a list as you go along and then start tackling these projects one by one or hire some help to get these home projects done quickly. Tending to repairs now will go a long way when your home is shown to discriminating home shoppers. These guests will be pleased to see a home looking fantastic!
    5. Painting. This area of home showing preparation can really update and renew a home. If your home has bright purple or green walls, for example, consider painting these areas a neutral gray, white, or light beige color. Creating a space with neutral tones helps highlight the open environment, prevents interference with room lighting, and everything looks great with these calm, elegant backgrounds.

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