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    5 Ways to Improve your Backyard Appeal

    While your backyard might not be the first thing potential buyers will see during a showing or open house, it is an important area of the home to be staged and kept up when your home is on the market. Review your backyard when you are sprucing up your home’s front curb appeal and getting ready to list your house for sale. I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to improve your backyard appeal to showcase it as the true asset that it is.

    Ways to improve your backyard appeal

    5 Ways to Improve your Backyard Appeal

    1. Overall Backyard Clean Up. Leaves, sticks, and yard debris will continue to show up in a backyard, of course. But keeping on top of yard debris can make the difference between a good yard or a great yard. Rake underneath bushes, behind sheds, and in other nooks where yard clippings and leaves tend to gather.
    2. Trim Bushes and Trees in your Backyard. When your landscaping gets unruly, it can look messy and unkempt. Spend the afternoon trimming up areas of your backyard that need to be spruced up or hire someone to help with those hard-to-reach areas.
    3. Fix up your Backyard. If you have damaged or worn-out areas in the back of your home, make sure to add these to your backyard improvement list. Are there cracked pavers in your patio? Ripped screens on your porch? Chipped paint around doors or windows? Damaged toys or outdoor furniture? Remove or replace anything in disrepair so the overall condition of your backyard is clean and polished.
    4. Mulch It. Mulch or new rock are easy ways to dress up a backyard. Replenish mulch or rock areas around trees, bushes, and the house and shed areas to really make your backyard appealing to new home shoppers!
    5. Dress Up your Backyard. Have you thought about ways to dress up your backyard to bring some brilliance to this space? Those extras really make a difference to potential buyers. Consider a yard path or pavers, a fire pit to enhance the area as a fun outdoor seating area, or bbq area to give the new home buyers a feel for how this backyard space can be used as a family or for entertaining.

    Why Backyard Appeal is Important

    When it comes time to clean up and repair your home to sell, remember the backyard is an important area for your home buyer. They want to look at a space that is well-kept and inviting for their family. If buyers have to look past a messy or cluttered space, they might just look past your house all together. So make sure to add “improve the backyard’s appeal” to your list when you are getting ready to sell your home. It might be the difference between selling your home quickly and having it sit on the market for a while.

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