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    Best Home Improvements To Increase Your Memphis Home’s Value

    Deciding which home renovation projects to do at your new house or what to tackle before you put your home up for sale often depends on what will bring you the best return on that investment. You could probably go a little crazy picking and choosing which projects and upgrades to complete in your home, so we came up with a handy list of the best home improvements to increase your Memphis home’s value.

    Best Home Improvements To Increase Your Memphis Home’s Value

    Best Home Improvements to Increase your Memphis Home’s Value

    1. Kitchen Renovations. Remodeling or updating your kitchen will always bring good returns. Taking a tired, outdated kitchen into the new century by updating the cabinets and countertops can quickly transform it into something that’s inviting and attractive. Weigh the benefits of a complete remodel vs. smaller updates like paint and new cabinet hardware before you proceed. Completely redoing the entire kitchen might be more than what is necessary if you are planning to sell soon.
    2. The Garage Door. Updating a worn out or damaged garage door will greatly improve the exterior appearance of your home. Not only will a new garage door add instant curb appeal, but it will also provide a safe and protective cover for your home and the elements. If you are updating your garage door in order to sell your home, consider something conventional that keeps with the appearance of your home and your neighborhood to bring you the best look overall.
    3. Increasing Efficiency. Upgrading and increasing your home’s energy efficiency – along with its appearance – can really add savings to your home utilities. Doing so adds to the style and appeal of your home. Plus, big upgrades like this are things house hunters want to see (and don’t want to pay for themselves later on). Consider projects like a new roof to update a worn or damaged one, new windows to add better energy performance and rejuvenation to your home’s look, and attic insulation to supply your home with better energy efficiency, which leads to lower utility bills.
    4. New Entry Door. This is a favorite when updating a home. A new entry door immediately increases the curb appeal to your house while increasing the style and contemporary feel of your place. This can be an exciting upgrade to any home and you can’t go wrong with a stylish new front door.
    5. Paint. Painting your home inside or out is always a sure way to increase the value of your home. An outdated or shabby appearance in a home’s look can quickly bring down the sale price and assessment on your home’s condition. Choose a contemporary but neutral color for your home’s walls to quickly upgrade and improve the look and feel of your house. When it’s time to sell, house shoppers will have an easier time enjoying the look of your home when you have recently painted it with a nice, simple palette.

    Home Improvements that Increase Value

    You can see a lot of great options listed above to offer many ideas to bring value, appeal, and beauty to your home while also providing smart ideas for energy efficiency and showing off a well-maintained home. In the end, the choice – of course – is yours. Will the upgrade or home project bring you happiness? Or is it simply something to modernize your home with the goal of selling your home quicker? If you are torn between doing the updates or saving the money, consider reaching out to your favorite real estate agent and see what they recommend for your home and for your area.

    You can also base your decision on whether to move forward with your upgrades or not by the budget you want to aim for. Taking some good notes and contemplating the details can help move your project forward or change your remodeling plans altogether.

    Your Insightful Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    When you are ready to sell your home and buy a new place for you and your family, look to a highly-regarded and knowledgeable local real estate agent. Working with a qualified real estate professional that you can trust to both guide you and advise you through the home selling and buying process makes all the difference! When you are getting ready to sell your home, this list above is a great resource to update your home. When you have a question about whether it’s a good idea to update before you sell your home, contact a good real estate agent who can inform you about what they recommend.

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