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    How to Run a Successful Yard Sale Before Moving

    When you are selling your home and preparing to move, It’s likely you will have some items to get rid of but that are still in good shape and usable. A moving sale is the perfect way to eliminate these items from your Things That Need to be Packed list. Plus, you can make a bit of cash from their sale! Taking into account everything else you have going on during this busy time, we’d like to give you some tips on how to run a successful yard sale before your move.

    How to Run a Successful Yard Sale Before Moving

    Tips for Running a Yard Sale Before your Move

    Whether or not you have started to pack, putting together a successful moving sale will be another undertaking for you. Thankfully, by following a few steps, you can make hosting a yard sale easier!

    1. Date When are you planning to put your house up for sale? Or if it’s under contract, when is your scheduled closing date? Use these dates to choose your yard sale date. If you don’t need certain pieces for staging your home, consider having your sale well in advance of your move.
    2. Stuff Gather all the things you want to sell. Keep them in one location so they are ready to transport outside. Take the time to make things look nice. If some stuff needs small repairs or a good dusting, take a moment to do that. Your items will sell faster and more easily if they look nice and work well.
    3. Pricing Mark your for-sale items while they are still gathered. You can take a moment to price things to sell. Remember, pricing items too high can prevent them from selling, and the goal with your pre-move yard sale is to avoid having to move more things than you need. You can use tape and a marker to price items or try the premade stickers to price things quickly.
    4. Promote While your moving sale is held outside and you might get a lot of driveby traffic, it’s still important to announce that you are having a sale. There are a number of ways you can list your moving sale. For example, flyers or signs placed at the ends of busy streets, posting online with a handful of different social media platforms, and placing handouts at local spots like library or recreation center bulletin boards.
    5. Displays Gather whatever tables and displays you can come up with. Think outside the box with shelving, wooden boards set on chairs, or hanging racks for easy viewing. Borrow from friends and neighbors if you don’t have enough on your own.
    6. Setup A few days before your yard sale, collect all your for-sale items and assemble all of your displays. Can you set them up already in the garage or under an awning to have them ready for your early morning function? Get as much ready ahead of time so you can just open your doors and finalize your setup.

    How Do I Organize my Garage Sale Before Moving?

    While it can be a big job to move and also have a moving sale, starting early can be your solution to making the process go smoothly and with fewer headaches. Make a plan and keep a list. Keep your yard sale supplies in one area so they are always easy to find.

    Spend a few moments every day gathering the items you want to sell. Clean them up if necessary and price them as you go. Stay with a schedule to get everything ready.

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