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    How to Stage a House For Sale While Living in It

    Staging your home is an effective and beneficial way to present it to the market when you list it to sell. Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money. Most home sellers continue to live in their homes while they are on the market, so let’s talk about how to stage a house for sale while living in it.

    How to Stage a House For Sale While Living in It

    How to Stage a House For Sale While Living in It

    Living in your home and selling it at the same time will require a little creativity and effort, but it will really pay off in the long run. Your home will look great and your house-hunting visitors will take notice. Staying on top of your home in these 5 ways will keep it staged well even though you are still living there.

    • Clutter. Start by removing all the clutter and extra decor you have in your home. The goal is to have your home look very clean and orderly. Pack as much of your personal decor, family photos, and quantity of knick-knacks to clear up tables and other flat surfaces. You will need to pack when you move anyway, so it’s a great way to get a head start.
    • Cleaning. An exceptionally-clean home sells faster. If you can hire help, schedule cleaning more often to keep your home looking as clean as possible for your house showings. To stage your house on a budget, set aside a bit of extra time before you head out to work in the morning to give your house a quick dusting, vacuuming, and pick up. If everyone pitches in it, shouldn’t take long and it will start to become a good habit. You might wonder why you hadn’t been doing this every day already!
    • Curb Appeal. First, you want to review your yard and the outside of your home. Does anything need to be repaired, repainted, replanted, or tossed? Be firm in your goal of yard clean-up. If it looks bad, fix it or toss it. Clean up the yard and keep the lawn and planters looking especially nice. If you can hire someone to help mow and trim, consider it for the short time you have your house up for sale.
    • Interior Updates. Next, walk around the house inside and do the same thing. Make your list of what needs to be repaired, repainted, or tossed. Can you make simple updates to your home while you are living in it that will help make it shine?
    • Staging. Now that you have given your house a thorough review, and cleaned, decluttered, and repaired or repainted to make it look great, you want to arrange some of your furniture and decor to give your home a clean, easy-to-live-in feel. Position your furniture to create a sense of openness. You can also place pieces to create smaller areas within a room like an office, or work area or seating area for a cozy nook to read. Also, make sure to organize any storage and closet space that is messy or overflowing. Pack anything and store belongings that overwhelm these areas.

    Tips for Staging a House For Sale

    • Main Checklist. Having a checklist of your main staging projects is a must. Add to it as more ideas come up. If you can schedule specific days to tackle tasks, it can help move your projects forward.

    • Shopping List. A list of what to buy when you are out will also help to complete your staging projects in a timely manner. Try not to wing it or remember in your head what you might need.

    • Cleaning Checklist. Do you need specific reminders in the morning to keep your home looking great while it’s listed for sale? Review your cleaning list each day to make sure you remember to address everything necessary.

    • Packing. Continue to pack. If you can set aside a day to do a large pack up, that’s great. If you need to set aside boxes and pack a little every day, that’s great, too. Store these boxes the best you can out of the way. Either in a storage shed, garage, or a rental storage space.

    Working with an Experienced Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    When it’s time to sell your existing home or buy a great new place, turn to a highly regarded and well-informed local real estate agent. You want someone that you can trust to give you the best advice and know-how for your new home purchase or sale. Check out my other great articles to help you through your home selling and buying experience here in Memphis. Staging homes for sale is also part of my expertise. Please ask me about it when you reach out.

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