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    What to Expect from your Realtor® When Selling your House

    Selling your current house will require a number of challenging, critical activities, from deep cleaning, decluttering, and staging your home, to house showings, negotiating an offer, completing your sale, and moving. Selling a home can be a big undertaking, and having qualified people to guide you and give you good advice will be indispensable. Therefore, let’s talk about what to expect from your Realtor® when selling your house.

    What to Expect from your Realtor® When Selling your House

    What to Expect from your Realtor® When Selling your House

    First, I want to explain what the title of Realtor® means. A real estate agent is a licensed real estate professional who can help you buy or sell residential or commercial properties. The term, Realtor®, identifies a real estate agent who is also an active member of the National Association of Realtors.

    When selling a home, your agent or Realtor® will be one of the most essential ingredients to a successful home sale. They will guide you on how to best prepare your home for the market, pricing it, all of the paperwork, completing contingencies, the closing, and so much more.

    Understanding what to expect from your Realtor® before you head into the house-selling process can help alleviate any headaches or issues as you move forward. Let’s take a look:

    1. Top Notch Marketing – Your Realtor® or agent will be able to bring you the best marketing for your home and neighborhood. As a homeowner, you might have ideas about how to market your home, but it’s best to listen well to your agent. Seasoned agents will bring their extensive house marketing skills to your sale and include what is important to get your message across perfectly.
    2. Paperwork and Contract Comprehension – Your Realtor® will have many years of contract and legal real estate experience to guide your decisions and answer all your questions. They are specifically trained for local and state practices and laws.
    3. Good Communication – When you are in the midst of selling your home, your agent will help keep everything straight and aim to hit all necessary deadlines. Your Realtor® will address concerns, answer questions, and inform you of timelines and adjustments.
    4. Competitive Price Analysis – Pricing your home right can be a pretty analytical task. Knowing the comps for your area is just one of the items needed for evaluation. When a Realtor® is highly experienced in your area, you can expect strong knowledge of what your home should be priced and how it should be marketed in order to close on the sale of your home as quickly as possible.
    5. Helpful Advice – On top of the many steps and details of selling your home, an accomplished Realtor® or real estate agent will also advise you on showings, staging, and repairs or improvements to invest in for your sale. Professional Realtors® have extensive experience with all things house selling and can give you great tips to make your sale successful.

    What to Know When Selling a House with a Realtor®

    When working with a Realtor®, know that you are getting their accumulated knowledge and experience from helping other buyers and sellers over the years. Those combined skills and techniques along with specialized knowledge of the area is what will set your Realtor® apart from other agents and especially from selling your home yourself.

    Should I Sell My House without a Realtor®?

    Selling your home yourself can lead to a longer time on the market, lower sales price, and general disappointment in the overall home selling process. If you want to sell it more quickly and easily, turn to a professional, local real estate agent who can give you good advice and meet or exceed your expectations.

    Without an agent on your side, you risk delaying closing, making mistakes, and worse yet, having paperwork issues that reduces your expected sales price.

    Working with an Experienced Memphis Area Real Estate Agent

    When it’s time to sell your existing home or buy a great new place, turn to a highly regarded and well-informed local real estate agent. You want someone that you can trust to give you the best advice and know-how for your new home purchase or sale. Check out my other great articles to help you through your home selling and buying experience here in Memphis. Staging homes for sale is also part of my expertise. Please ask me about it when you reach out.

    Take a minute to learn more about me. With over 15 years of top-notch service for my clients, I can guide you with your house sale, new home purchase, or buying a great parcel of land. As a top, licensed real estate agent in the Memphis area, showing you the best properties for you and your family is my goal!

    Contact me at (901) 828-8919 or drop me a quick note at angie@angiekelley.com and we can speak in person about your plans and options. Ask me about seeing homes for sale by video or virtual tour and find the best place for you!

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